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Glitch!UK is a not-for profit organisation that exists to end online abuse and harassment and ensure the online space is a safer arena for all to use, particularly all women and girls. Evidence is emerging that online abuse adversely affects individual’s health, nation’s democracy and human rights. While there are many global initiatives working to address online abuse Glitch!UK is, to the best of our knowledge, the only UK organisation solely focused on this issue and that takes intersectional and feminist approaches. There are three important strands to our work:  

  1. CAMPAIGN to raise awareness on online abuse and its impact in collaboration with partners to amplify our voices, increase our impact and avoid duplication. We also sign post, provide information and resources.
  2. ADVOCACY work to both influence social media companies to reform their platform and with decision makers to strengthen the UK’s legal framework and policies on online abuse.
  3. DELIVER training workshops on digital citizenship, primarily to young people, and digital resilience to people from underrepresented groups wishing to or who have entered public life.



ATTITUDINAL CHANGE, we want to transform the current narrative and tolerance of online abuse. “Ignore or block it” does not fix the glitch. Words do have an impact and negative online activity can and does extend into real world. BETTER self-regulation of social media companies and improved mechanisms to keep all social media users safe and free to express themselves. POLICY + LEGAL REFORMS, we want to see policy and legal reforms that appropriately address 21st Century online criminality as well as encourage an increase in reporting and prosecutions. A GENERATION OF RESPONSIBLE ONLINE CITIZENS, we want to see an increase in digital citizenship in a generation.


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