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Glitch!UK is a new, thriving and internationally known non-for-profit organisation with a mission to end online abuse + harassment in the UK.

‘Glitch’  means a temporary malfunction with an equipment. When we look back on this period of time, we want to be able to say that the rise in online abuse + harassment was only a ‘glitch’ in our history.

Glitch!UK  believes that online abuse in all its forms is a vehicle to divide society + spread fear so we must work together to #fixtheglitch.


ATTITUDINAL CHANGE, we want to transform the current narrative and tolerance of online abuse. “Ignore or block it” does not fix the glitch. Words do have an impact and negative online activity can and does extend into real world. BETTER self-regulation of social media companies and improved mechanisms to keep all social media users safe and free to express themselves. POLICY + LEGAL REFORMS, we want to see policy and legal reforms that appropriately address 21st Century online criminality as well as encourage an increase in reporting and prosecutions. A GENERATION OF RESPONSIBLE ONLINE CITIZENS, we want to see an increase in digital citizenship in a generation.


There are 3 important stands to our work…

  1. CAMPAIGN to raise awareness on online abuse + it’s impact in collaboration with partners to amplify our voices, increase our impact and avoid duplication. We also sign post + provide information and resources.
  2.  ADVOCACY work with social media companies + decision makers
  3.  DELIVER training workshops on digital citizenship primarily to young people and digital resilience to women entering public life


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