An elected councillor working with young people across the UK to end hate speech and online violence against women and girls.

Bringing together the experiences of young people across the UK and work with key influencers to change the way social media companies tackle online abuse.


We have seen an increase in online violence and hate speech particularly towards women, people of colour and political figures. This has been a consequence of, and enabled by, a number of events:

  • Rise of far right movements across Europe
  • The UK European Union Independence referendum  
  • The rhetoric during the 2016 United States Presidential Election
  • The failure of social media companies to adequately address online violence and abuse.

When we look back on this period of time, we want to be able to say that the rise in online abuse and online violence was only a “glitch” in our history.  

UK Glitch believes that online hate crime is a vehicle for movements that aim to divide society and spread fear. We cannot afford for our generation and the next to become desensitised to any hate crimes.

We want to cultivate the agency of young people and we want to start a conversation about the importance of our generation being responsible citizens online.


  • Awareness raising of both cyberbullying, hate speech, online abuse and the consequences.
  • Personalised, interactive and informative workshops for any group of young people
  • Coaching and support for young people on online citizenship
  • Up to date information on online safety and the risks.
  • School assembly presentations 


We’re starting from where it matter most, with education and young people. We will be running number of pilot workshops in schools and youth groups across England. We will officially launch our “Glitch! Schools offer” in the Autumn. As well as an inclusive movement to end online violence against women and girls and repair this glitch.


Follow us online and share Glitch! with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers. 

We would like to capture as many experiences of online abuse. You can share your experiences with us using the #GlitchUK hashtag or anonymously via our online form. s

We have written some recommendations on how social media companies can do more to address online violence. Do you also think social media companies can do more to deal with online abuse? Share your ideas and recommendations with us using the form below. 


We want to work with as many secondary schools students. We can deliver workshops to supplement citizenship, PHSRE and Humanity lessons as well as school assemblies.

We are also looking to work with after school youth groups and young leader groups such as Youth Councillors and Young Advisors.  


If you like what you’ve read of Glitch! and have a skill or expertise you can donate please get in touch. 


Our goals, to fix this current glitch in society and to end online violence against women and girls can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership. If you would like to partner with us as an individual or organisation we would love to hear from you.


E: ukglitchonline@gmail.com // T: @_GlitchUK

If you have experienced online trolling and abuse or would like to share a recommendation for social media companies please do get in touch.



At age 22 Seyi, a London School of Economics Social Policy Graduate and Royal Society of the Arts Fellow was elected on to Newham Council. Seyi has had eight successful years working in education, training, politics and policy in the UK and abroad in places such as Kuwait, Istanbul, UAE, Prague, Brussels, India and Bosnia. After facing horrendous racial abuse online instead of being defeated Seyi has started an anti-fascism and violence against women project. Seyi provides strategies to tackle online violence against women as well as deliver training programmes to the next generation on appropriate online conduct and online citizenship .As one of Spark+ Mettle’s Founding Trainers Seyi has delivered workshops at a number of schools in the UK, Including Haggerston School, Trinity Lewisham and Forest Gate Community School where she now sits on the Board of Directors of the Multi-Academy Trust. Seyi co-designs and delivers personal and character development, soft skills and active citizen workshops to thousands of young people across the Middle East and North Africa Region for a Spark+Mettle, British Council and HSBC joint partnership programme.