Seyi Akiwowo (Shay-ee Aki-wo-wo) was elected as the youngest black female Councillor in Newham. She is a London School of Economics graduate, a Fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts and has had eight successful years working in the policy, politics and sustainable development sectors in the UK and abroad including Kuwait, Istanbul, UAE, Prague, Brussels, India and Bosnia. Seyi is extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, democracy and social cohesion.
She provides critical pieces on current affairs as well as consults and provides various training workshops on skills, integration and widening participation of diverse groups in public life and local government.
Seyi founded Glitch!UK a not-for-profit online abuse advocacy, campaigning and training organisation after facing horrendous online abuse and harassment when a video of her speech at the European Parliament went viral last year. Through Glitch!UK, Seyi lobbies social media companies and decision makers and has also published a recommendations report. Seyi has spoken Amnesty International #ToxicTwitter campaign on online abuse against women and recently spoken at UN in Geneva and Washington DC on the online violence politically active women face.